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Young Cosmetologist

Where it all began

Having suffered for most of her life from various skin concerns from stretch marks, acne scarring, surgical scars, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, the list goes on and on; Owner and Operator of La Belle Skin Therapy, Laura Murphy, searched the world for treatments to really heal her skin. Noticing a gap in the Australian beauty industry for services that are affordable and less invasive, Laura went to work to learn as much as she could about the newest skin treatments offering the best and longest confirmed results. Through her extensive studies of new scientifically proven treatments, La Belle Skin Therapy was created.


With the desire to help people struggling with skin concerns; knowing just how much it can affect someones self confidence, Laura has built La Belle's service menu to focus on the true healing of skin.  ​The non-surgical, revolutionary skin treatments offer immediate and long term face and body rejuvenation. These specially selected services target skin concerns that until now have only ever been treatable with the use of harmful lasers or surgery. This exciting new age of skin repair offers options which are safe and suitable for almost all skin types.

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