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Green Sea Peel - Bio Microneedling

Marine peel that exfoliates, purifies & hydrates skin to repair wrinkles, acne, pigmentation & more.

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Service Description

We are thrilled to introduce Bio Microneedling, also known as Green Sea Peel, the cutting-edge, organic approach to traditional microneedling. This revolutionary facial peel is infused with potent, natural ingredients sourced from the depths of the ocean. Packed with marine extracts, algae, antioxidants, protein, vitamins and sea minerals, this revitalizing peel offers a harmonious blend of science and nature, leaving your skin refreshed, renewed, and radiant. Benefits: Bio Microneedling offers a myriad of benefits, from reduced fine lines and wrinkles to improved skin texture and tone. It can work wonders to fade scars, minimize pores, and even address pigmentation issues, leaving you with a complexion that exudes confidence and natural beauty. Procedure: Our Green Sea Peel is gently applied to your skin during a relaxing facial treatment where sea spicules are delivered into the skin via massage. The treatment stimulates collagen through the use of carefully selected ingredients, while also working to increase blood circulation, exfoliate, purify, and hydrate your skin, unveiling a fresh and luminous complexion. Recovery: It is common to experience mild redness immediately after the peel. This is a normal reaction and should subside within a few hours to a day. Your skin may also feel slightly tingly or mildly sensitive but this should diminish quickly. You may notice some dryness, peeling or flaking of the skin. This is all part of the exfoliation process as the old, dead skin cells are shed to reveal a fresher, smoother complexion underneath. Overall, the recovery from a Green Sea Peel is typically well-tolerated, and the benefits of smoother, rejuvenated skin make it a worthwhile treatment for achieving a more radiant and healthy complexion. Results: As your skin heals, you'll notice a gradual improvement in its texture and appearance. The exfoliation and nourishment from the Green Sea Peel will promote a fresher and more radiant complexion over time. Remember that individual recovery experiences can vary, depending on your skin type, the intensity of the peel, and your skin's natural healing process. Dive deep into the world of marine-infused skincare and embrace the beauty of the Green Sea Peel – where nature's secrets meet the science of glowing skin. Become addicted to your skin and experience the transformative power of the ocean by scheduling your appointment. Treat your skin today to this rejuvenating and nourishing experience.

Contact Details

  • 2 10/18 Regent Street, Wollongong NSW, Australia


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